Eye Catching Bracelets for Upcoming Engagements

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asked Feb 2, 2017 by AntwanL24501 (120 points)
Here's an idea for your next engagement - go with a bracelet that's more trendy than it is fancy. Consider shopping for silver jewelry. Silver jewelry can look at once sophisticated and trendy, and it is also often cheaper than diamond or gold. In comparison to diamond and gold, it's actually quite affordable.

debossed wristbandsSilver is a great buy for women because it's extremely versatile - a good silver bracelet in a classic shape can be worn again and again. Silver rubber bracelets come in quite possibly every variety imaginable. Worn on their own, they're a single ornamental piece, slim and sophisticated. Worn together in multiples, they make a trendy statement that signals attention and calls the eyes down to your wrist.

Bracelet sizes vary greatly, and come in various designs. Some will be sober and have minimal engravings on them, while others are totally plain, with nary a nick in sight. Others will be encrusted with semi-precious or precious stones, others might have a good deal of texture and some may have just a little bit of texture. No matter what design or type you go with, the silver color is a classic metal that never goes out of style.

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