A Look at Charity Wristbands

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The charity wristband phenomenon is not just happening in the United States, either.
People as far away as Europe and even Australia are becoming entranced by this popular trend.
Charity wristbands offer people the option of helping out causes they believe in. People who may not have much money to give away to charity can buy a wristband for a very reasonable price and know that they are doing their part to help. Most charity wristbands sell for under five dollars, with some going for as little as one dollar.

The wristbands are sold for so little because they are usually made of inexpensive silicone or rubber. Many manufacturers offer discounts for organizations that buy large numbers of wristbands.
Charity wristbands can come in nearly any color and can have any type of slogan or name embossed on them. Certain colors are known to represent particular charities or causes. One of the most popular is the yellow wristband that is sold by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. People around the world recognize that people wearing these bands donated money to help people living with cancer.

Pink charity wristbands signify breast cancer awareness. People who buy these wristbands help support breast cancer research and treatment. After the catastrophic tsunami, the Red Cross began selling red wristbands to help fund the rescue and recovery efforts in the area.

Charity wristbands are popular worldwide. They are trendy fashion accessories as well as fundraising tools. When the first quantity of yellow wristbands sold silicone bracelets factory bracelets cheap custom out in Australia, people bought the bands off of eBay at huge markups.

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